Watching the photosphere

Something I’ve been doing a lot lately is watching YouTube videos made by other street photographers to see what they do, how they do it, and what they do it with. I find most of them interesting and informative. After an evening of shooting without much to show for it (I ran out of light because I didn’t get out as soon as I had planned), I thought I would highlight a few YouTube channels from street photographers that you might find interesting as well. These are in no particular order.

Faizal Westcott

I enjoy Faizal’s POV street sessions. His content is very good.

David Wallace Shoots

David also does POV street photography sessions and seems to be fearless about getting close to people for his shots.

Nick Turpin

A member of the IN-PUBLIC Collective, Nick Turpin’s YouTube channel includes hours of great video on the practice of street photography.

DigitalRev TV

DigitalRev is not just one particular photographer, but I enjoy their videos. Especially check out the videos featuring Kai W. and the “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera” series (in one video, Chase Jarvis has to shoot a skateboarder with a toy LEGO camera).

Eric Kim

This is not a YouTube channel, but Eric Kim is a fantastic street photographer. He has written many books teaching street photography and all of them are available on his website as free PDF downloads.

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