Rev Dot Pictures is now Hyperfocal

If you are reading this and you had found my website before, you will remember that it had a different name and a different URL. I decided to make changes to the name, URL, and design of the website to better reflect what I am trying to accomplish as a photographer. The new URL – – is directly attached to my name and is also better recognizable with the *.com extension.

I also changed the site theme to one better suited to displaying and writing about photography. I liked the previous design, but it just seemed to be lacking a professional feel that I think the new design achieves much more effectively.

The name change is also connected to my goals as a photographer. Rev Dot Pictures was designed to indicate that my work as a photographer and my work as a full-time, ordained pastor were connected to one another. Upon further reflection, I have decided to keep my photography and my ministry separate for the most part. Of course, there will be times when I use photography in the work of ministry, but I want my photography to be set apart from my work as a pastor so I can focus on ministry when I’m doing church related work and focus on photography when I am doing the work of a photographer.

Another reason for changing the name of the site to Hyperfocal is because I want to create a new collective of street photographers under the name Hyperfocal. While it may seem odd to use the same name for my personal photography site, I am trying to stake my claim on the Hyperfocal name to make it less likely that someone else will try to use it. I had planned on getting the domain “”, however that domain was taken. I will be registering another domain to be the main site for the Hyperfocal Collective in the near future, so keep an eye out for that. For the time being, the Hyperfocal Collective has a home on Flickr at

As you will see, I am currently the only member of Hyperfocal! The collective is brand new and just now forming. If you are a photographer interested in applying for membership, please contact me directly.

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